Personal Training

First of all it is personal, so the programmes are constructed solely for you.

In a gym programme you can often be left to your own devices. When you work with a personal trainer you will achieve more because you will do all the exercises correctly and so get more out of them [Workout Safely / correct form / posture]. You are always encouraged, gently challenged, and so more motivated. Our support includes body measurements, nutritional planning, as well as e-mail and phone support.

Personal trainers help you focus on results and stop wasting your time doing inefficient workouts. A personal trainer has a plan and will help you get maximum results in minimum time.

If you are an absolute beginner, a personal trainer is the ultimate fitness coach. We will introduce you to a very simple, effective routine and build efficiently so before you know it, you have the confidence and knowledge to decide what is right for you.

Ok, you are already in pretty decent shape, but you’ve been there for years. If you are stuck in the same routine and want to break out of a rut, a personal trainer is the perfect solution. A trainer will jump start, not only your motivation, but your routine as well!

Our personal trainers make house calls. If you don’t have the time or interest in going to a gym, but have a hard time knowing what to do on your own at home, a personal trainer can bring fitness into your living room.

There is a good reason that the number one reason people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get into shape it works. If you made a resolution to lose the fat and build the muscle, a trainer can keep you on track and help you realise that goal.

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